Pray for …

The festival "TOHOKU ROKKON-SAI" that wished revival was held in Sendai city-Miyagi in Japan. I was seen Sendai TANABATA festival every year, but other festivals were seen for the first time. ALL were beautiful! Especially, Aomori "NEBUTA" and Akita "KANTO" were wonderful and dynamic.

March 11th 2011, A very big earthquake happened in the Tohoku region in Japan. Many people's lives were deprived. People all over the world and all over Japan were attacked very sadly deep. Whenever I remember that day, feel so cry and tears fall. It never forget, can't to forget thing all my life.
Four months passed, it doesn't cry indefinitely.People are reviving! Many times need and necessary. I believed that it is possible to do.
I wish all wounded people become happy.